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An Artist's Real-Time 3D Glossary

About the Author

Eric Chadwick  Lead Artist at Whatif Productions LLC


My goal for the glossary has been to learn the ins and outs of the technology that my art is based upon, and to share this knowledge with other artists. I couldn't have done it without a great deal of help from some wonderful people...



Thank you to all who have helped.

So far, thanks to Ken Hilton for BSP trees, Leslie Spring for his technical assistance during a long project, Jay Obernolte for shedding light on many technical terms during another long project, Josh White for his book "Designing 3D Graphics" and a great class at the GDC, Kelly "Chimp" Kleider for constant feedback and for giving me cool links to chew on, Richard Nelson who has been a constant source of help, Jason Rice and Trevor Bakker for the honest feedback, Douglas Wilcox for a bunch of new terms (and an awesome game!), Dave Sharp for his thorough game dictionary, Scott Walker for helping out with the suggestions page, Richard Annema for bitdepth and voxel help. Thanks folks!

Finally, a big thanks to Mondo Media for supporting this educational effort. I certainly could not have done it without you.
Most of my research is being done online, but these books are proving to be particularly helpful:

- Peter Burger and Duncan Gillies' "Interactive Computer Graphics"

- J. D. Foley and A. Van Dam's "Fundamentals of Interactive Computer Graphics"

- Mark Giambruno's "3D Graphics & Animation, From Starting Up to Standing Out"

- Andrew Glassner's "3D Computer Graphics, A User's Guide for Artists and Designers"

- Josh White's "Designing 3D Graphics"

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